Custom Wood Wedding Signs

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Laser engraved custom wood signs can make wonderful and unique gifts for your special day. Here are some ideas for custom wood signs for your wedding:

Custom Wood Wedding Signs

  1. Wedding Welcome Sign: A laser engraved wood sign that welcomes your guests to your wedding ceremony or reception. It can feature your names, wedding date, and a warm message. It can be placed at the entrance of your venue to greet your guests with a personalized touch.
  2. Bride and Groom Chair Signs: Custom wood signs that are hung on the back of the bride and groom chairs at the reception. They can be engraved with “Bride” and “Groom,” or your names, and can be a lovely addition to your sweetheart table or head table. Head over to to buy some wedding themed custom wood signs!
  3. Directional Signs: Laser engraved wood signs that point guests in the right direction for various wedding activities, such as “Ceremony,” “Reception,” “Dance Floor,” “Photo Booth,” etc. These signs can be functional and stylish, helping your guests navigate your wedding venue with ease.
  4. Guestbook Sign: A custom wood sign that displays instructions for your guestbook. It can include a message inviting guests to sign a guestbook or leave well wishes on a wooden plank, canvas, or other creative guestbook alternatives.
  5. Love Story Sign: A laser engraved wood sign that tells your love story. It can feature key milestones in your relationship, such as the date you met, your first date, the proposal date, and your wedding date. This sign can be displayed at your reception as a sentimental piece that shares your love story with your guests.
  6. Table Numbers: Custom wood signs that serve as table numbers for your reception. They can be engraved with numbers or names and placed on each table to help guests find their assigned seating.
  7. Personalized Gift Signs: Laser engraved wood signs that can be given as gifts to your bridal party, parents, or other special guests. These signs can feature personalized messages, names, and dates, expressing your gratitude and appreciation for their presence on your big day.

Custom wood signs for your wedding can be a beautiful and meaningful addition to your decor, as well as thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. They can be created using various types of wood, fonts, and designs to match your wedding theme and style. Be sure to work with a reputable laser engraving service that can bring your vision to life and create high-quality custom wood signs that will be cherished for years to come.

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